The Beer

Sloth Stout

A very smooth and drinkable beer inspired by traditional English stouts.  Rich and creamy with a subtle sweetness and smooth finish. Easy to drink and a great dessert beer worthy of the name Sloth Stout. Ease back in your recliner and enjoy, ya deadbeat.

Gluttony Bourbon Barrel Porter

We start with a stronger than average robust porter, then infuse it with Maker's Mark soaked oak.  The end result is quite possibly the best beer ever.  The intense aroma and flavor of toasted American oak and a sweet graininess of good bourbon meld with the bittersweet roastiness of porter to make a very characterful beer. Indulge, hell over indulge you Glutton.

Vanity Caribou Slobber Brown Ale

This American brown ale has dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light roast coffee.  Vanity gives way to reveal a hop character you'll be surprised to find if you're use to drinking English brown ales.  Our favorite part of this beer is how modest it is, but we know you'll like it as much as we like it.

Envy Porter

This assertive ale is dominated by roasted flavors of black coffee and dark chocolate.  It has a bracing bitterness from the combination of hops and roasted malts, with a dry bittersweet finish.  The rich flavor can enliven a barbecue sauce or chili, and stands up well to strong cheese.  An outstanding porter that all others try to emulate.    

Avarice IPA

If you can handle a huge hop slap in the face, then pour a pint of our Avarice IPA.  We use 5 ounces of awesome hops for a bold brew that's barley balanced by a backdrop of toasty, carmely malt.  It's a hophead's dream and a smooth full bodied flavor that will leave you wondering if you're going to share some or hoard it for yourself.